The lightning rod of 14 meters for installation on a roof

Article:ZZ-201-014-3(made in Russia)

A conductor wire is a metal structure that directly takes a lightning strike on itself, while taking it away from structures located in the protection zone.

ZANDZ ZZ-201-014-3 lightning rod is intended for installation on a flat roof of the protected building. The design of the stand allows you to provide the necessary stability of the lightning rod without the use of heavy weights. That in turn allows reducing the roof load.

The scope of delivery of ZZ-201-014-3 includes everything needed for assembly and installation of a lightning rod:

  • tripod support stand;
  • main part of the mast;
  • set of fasteners.

The lightning rod is designed for placement in I-III wind regions.

Height (H): 14000 mm (14 m)
Weight max.: 325 kg
Bending moment: 0,8 t*m
Shear force: 0,15 t
Material of the case:  steel
Coverage:  Hot-galvanized
Wind installation area: I-III


  • made in the Russian Federation;
  • long-term service;
  • esthetic appearance;
  • high anticorrosion resistance of the coating (the coating is applied by hot-dip galvanizing according to GOST 9.307-89);
  • easy mounting and installation of the mast.
ZZ-201-014-3 Sketch

 14 meter high vertical lightning rod-mast ZANDZ for a flat roof

Надставка Extension
Монтажная сварка Assembly welding
Подставка разборная Demountable support