Insulated conductor wire

Article: ZZ-214-001 
(made in Russia )

ZANDZ insulated conductor wire has a high resistance to the sliding discharge on its surface, as well as protects people from damage by touching the conductor wire at the moment of a lightning strike.

The ZANDZ conductor wire is made of aluminum (50 mm2 cross section), covered with high-voltage insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene with a minimum thickness of 3 mm and a semiconducting screen that prevents the occurrence of sliding discharges and is highly resistant to weathering. The semiconductive outer screen should be connected to the potential equalization system with a grounding equalization bus.

The pairing of two elements of the conductor wire is extremely undesirable, therefore, when ordering, specify the exact required length of the conductor wire (from the lightning rod to the grounding device).

The ends of the insulated conductor wire must be protected with a special tip with ZZ-214-002 heat shrinkable tube.

To fix the ZANDZ conductor wire on the roof and facade of the building, use special holders:

Conductor wire section: 50 mm2
Material of the conductor wire: aluminum
Insulation type: cross-linked polyethylene
Outer diameter: 20,5 mm
Bending radius: 150 mm


ZZ-214-001 - 8 225,00 rubles.

Insulated conductor wire