GALACTIVE active lightning rod

Product items: GL-20016

GALACTIVE active lightning rod with the advanced streamer emission responds to the growth of the electromagnetic field that arises when a storm front approaches.

The capacitors included into the GALACTIVE, are charged from the voltage induced by this field to the antennas of the device. Upon reaching of 12-14 kV on the capacitors, there happens the breakdown of arresters and formation of short fuses high-voltage pulse (more than 200 kW), the polarity of which is reciprocal to the polarity of the front. This pulse, advancing the formation of a "natural" leader initiates the "artificial" upward leader that develops at a much faster rate and to a greater distance, multiply increasing the protection zone of the lightning rod.

The main advantages of GALACTIVE active lightning protection:

  • the protection zone of an active lightning rod greatly exceeds the protection zone of the conventional (passive) air terminal of a similar height.
  • high level of protection *provided by the design of ALP, minimizes the probability of a lightning break and destruction of the protected object.
  • active lightning rod - is a stand-alone device, that does not require connection to any power source.
  • the device is activated only in case of an approaching storm front and presence of a real risk of a lightning strike.

* levels of ALP protection are defined in accordance with NF C 17-102 "Protection of structures and open areas against lightning using early streamer emission air terminals"

GALACTIVE active lightning rods with advanced streamer emission are presented in two versions:

1. GALACTIVE 1 (product item GL-20015) - is composed of two radiation electrodes;

2. GALACTIVE 2 (product item GL-20016) - is composed of three radiation electrodes, provides greater protection zone compared to GALACTIVE 1.

Selection of an active lightning rod

Selection of a specific model of GALACTIVE, necessary to protect your property, is carried out by two parameters:

  • protection level required for the object; detailed instructions for determining the level of protection is given on a separate page.
  • height above the protected object, where the installation of a lighting rod is planned.

Выбор активного молниеприемника


GALACTIVE 1 16 22 25 26 26 27 28 29 30
GALACTIVE 2 26 32 50 62 62 63 63 64 64

Chart 1. Rp protection radius for Level I


GALACTIVE 1 18 24 29 31 32 34 35 35 35
GALACTIVE 2 33 48 64 80 80 81 82 88 89

Table 2. Rp protection radius for Level II


GALACTIVE 1 20 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 40
GALACTIVE 2 36 53 71 88 89 90 92 100 104

Table 3. Rp protection radius for Level III

Weight: 2,9 kg
Diameter: 200 mm
Height: 320 mm

On the page "Active lightning protection" you can find the following information:

  • The operation principle of active lighting rod with an advanced streamer emission.
  • The algorithm for determining the level of protection required for a particular object.
  • A sample list of components required for the organization of active lightning protection system.


GL-20015 (GALACTIVE 1) - 77 890,00 rbl.
GL-20016 (GALACTIVE 2) - 91 300,00 rbl.

GALACTIVE 1 active lightning rod (product item GL-20015)



Молниеприемник активный GALACTIVE 2 (артикул GL-20016)