Decorative lightning rod

(made in Russia )

ZANDZ decorative lightning rod is a unique solution to ensure effective lightning protection of your house and preserve its aesthetic appearance.

ZZ-201-002-D lightning rod is designed for installation on the roof ridge, as on the most elevated part of the building. The package includes a special ridge holder.

The height of the lightning rod is 2 meters, which ensures reliable lightning protection of your house in strict accordance with modern regulatory requirements. The material is stainless steel, which guarantees a long-term service. Decorative elements are forged. The lightning rod is covered with black paint, so that it looks more impressive against the sky and has additional protection against corrosion.

Conductor wires with a diameter of 8 mm are connected to the lightning rod with a special ZZ-202-001clamp.

When ordering, it is possible to provide additional options:

  • individual design, including the customer’s sketches;
  • fastening to a vertical surface;
  • different height of the lightning rod.


Height: 2000 mm (2 m)
Diameter at the base: 38 mm
Material: stainless steel
Fastening: ridge



Decorative lightning rod 2


Decorative lightning rod



Decorative lightning rod 3