Clamp to the ridge for the down conductor with its elevation above the clamp to 15 mm (painted galvanized steel)

Product item: GL-11564A

The clamp allows you to quickly fix the wire down conductor of a diameter of 8 mm to the roof ridge.

It has two wing nuts:

  1. to adjust the distance between the "claws" of the clamp
  2. to adjust the position of the down conductor with respect to the roof ridge

Made of galvanized steel, painted with powder paint.
The bolt and nut are made of stainless steel.

Diameter of the down conductor: 8 mm
Rise of the down conductor: 15 mm
Distance between the "claws" of the clamp: from 180 to 280 mm
Weight: 0,12 kg
Length (in a folded state): 210 mm
Width: 25 mm
Height (in a folded state): 80 mm
Height (in a max unfold state): 185 mm

Price - 630,00 rbl.

Зажим на конек для токоотвода с его возвышением на 15 мм (крашенная оцинкованная сталь)

Sketch mast GL-21131

Эскиз зажима

Dimensional clamp drawing

Габаритный чертеж зажима