Clamp sticking to the roof cover decorative cover (plastic)

Product items: GL-11707

Clamp - holder GL-11706 allows you to quickly fix the wire down conductor 8 mm in diameter both on the flat and on a pitched roof (max tilt angle - 10o).

The clamp-holder is fixed to the roof with glue or roofing mastic.

The clamp consists of two parts: the lower is stick directly to the roof, then the upper part - the holder of the down conductor is put in it.

Material - plastic.

The clamp is additionally equipped with a plastic decorative cover GL-11707.

Diameter of down conductors: 8 mm
Weight: 0,01 kg
Length: 102 mm
Width: 102 mm
Height: 70 mm

Decorative cover
Diameter of down conductors: 8 mm
Weight: 0,01 kg
Diameter: 35 mm
Height: 25 mm


Сhuck GL-11706 - 220,00 rbl.

Decorative cover GL-11707 - 60,00 rbl.

Clamp on the roof with a cover (GL-11707)

Зажим клеящийся на кровлю с крышкой(пластик)

Clamp on the roof (Product name GL-11706)

Зажим клеящийся на кровлю (пластик)

Зажим клеящийся на кровлюв (пластик) 2

Decorative cover on the clamp (Product name GL-11707)

Декоративная крышка (пластик)Крышка декоративная (пластик) 2

Sketches of clamp and decorative cover

Эскиз зажима

Эскиз крышки

Dimensional drawings of clamp and decorative cover

Габаритный чертеж зажима

Габаритный чертеж крышки