40 meters rope lightning protection support with the service platform

(made in Russia )

The support of ZZ-204-240-6 rope lightning protection has a reinforced construction and is designed both for use as intermediate and end support for the rope lightning protection system. Also at the height of 25 meters there is a platform for maintenance on the support, lighting fixtures and a ladder for them. The ladder is equipped with fences and platforms for rest.

Package Includes:

  • faceted galvanized steelfoundation, 41.5 meters high;
  • rope attachment unit placed on the support at the height of 40 meters;
  • platform for maintenance and lighting fixtures, located at the height of 25 meters, the ladder for them;
  • embedded elements under the foundation.


  • on concreted flange embedded parts of the foundation;
  • foundation parameters are determined by calculation and depend on the area of operation of supports and soil parameters;

Foundation construction:

The support is made of galvanized steel, 8-sided, conical. The support trunk at the bottom has a flange for fastening to the foundation. In the lower part of the support there is a hatch that provides access to the place of connection of the grounding device. The hatch is closed with a lid that prevents atmospheric precipitation entry and trespassing.

Height (H): 41500 mm (41,5 m)
Case material: Sheet steel
Coverage: Hot-galvanized


  • made in the Russian Federation;
  • long-term service;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • high corrosion resistance of the coating (the coating is applied by hot-dip galvanizing according to GOST 9.307-89);
  • the support is equipped with a hatch for the grounding device connection;
  • no guylines;
  • easy to mount and install the mast;
  • foundation embedded elements and all necessary fasteners are included in the delivery package.
ZZ-204-240-6 sketch
All sizes are for reference.

40 meters rope lightning protection support with the service platform