What is going on up there?

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was held on June 17, 2020

Что там за облаками

The webinar is intended for: lightning protection and grounding designers
Speaker: Prof. Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan

When, at the end of the previous century, we managed to see beyond the tropospheric boundary, the observers saw an impressive picture. Even a very long lightning cannot be compared with it. Today, many of observed phenomena were explained and described quantitatively. These descriptions are closely related with the one explaining storm events under the clouds and are therefore important for practice.
We do not know much about how lightning appear. Flights around the clouds have not provided much information. The electrical field strength measured there did not exceed 5 kV/cm. Although, we need at least 5 times more to ionize the air. Despite this weak field, lightnings appear in the clouds. How? There is no definite answer yet.
Today, we have accumulated sufficient records of lightnings reaching the ground. It turns out that this is only a part of the picture. The other part is hidden up in the clouds. The channel moving towards the ground always has a twin. It is directed upwards, beyond the troposphere. The lightning current, its main adverse factor, depends on its development. Therefore, processes beyond the clouds are important and interesting for practical lightning protection.
Moreover, there is also a pure curiosity. We are always concerned about any spaceship penetrating clouds.
Come to the webinar of Prof. Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan on June 17 to obtain unique knowledge.