Webinar Titled "Choosing SDPs for Low-Voltage Systems (Telecoms, Automation, and Safety)"

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was held on June 10, 2020

 Choosing SDPs for Low-Voltage Systems (Telecoms, Automation, and Safety)

The webinar is intended for: sales managers, project managers, designers, customers, and installing specialists of modern telecom systems (LAN, DTN, CS, SCS), safety systems (SFS, CCTV, ACS), automation system, dispatch control system (DCS).
Speaker: Roman Petrov, Chief Project Engineer, SDP developer, ООО Takhion, Saint Petersburg. 8 years of experience in designing and managing projects; 34 years of experience in development and operating of radioelectronic systems.

The problem of choosing SDPs is exacerbated by many various data transfer interfaces with their own requirements and characteristics. And the SDP itself must not only protect the data transfer system but also avoid worsening its operability.
During the webinar, we will consider the process of choosing SDPs for the most popular and common interfaces in communication, safety, automation, and dispatch control systems. This will help designers in facilitating the choice of safety devices for the development of terms of reference and design as well as for sales managers to properly choose SDPs according to check lists, tender bids, and customer requests.