Specifics of Using SDPs in Local Networks and Ethernet Hardware

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was held on May 20, 2020

Specifics of Using SDPs in Local Networks and Ethernet Hardware

The second webinar of the series "SDP for Modern Low-Voltage System".

During the webinar, we will consider using SDPs in local networks and Ethernet hardware; study the history and logic of Ethernet development, and consider specifics of using copper cable lines and PoE technology.

The webinar is intended to provide for a wide range of designers, specialists of installing companies, and customers, special knowledge for choosing SDPs to protect local networks in the projects, tender bids, and customer requests.

  • Local networks and Ethernet protocol. History of development, features and consistency of previous standards.
  • Types and classification of the standard.
  • Characteristics of signals at physical level and respective requirements to SDPs.
  • Used cable types: UTP/FTP, categories. Relation between the SCS infrastructure and SDP types.
  • PoE in local networks. History and development trends. Varieties of active equipment in terms of PoE classification and its relation to the SDP use.
  • Circuitry of SDPs for Ethernet ports.
  • SDP characteristics for PoE and PoE-free systems.
  • SDP design and choosing the design option.
  • Relation between the design solutions and SDP design; design options.
  • SDP testing types and minimum characteristics.


The webinar is intended for: designers, sales specialists, integrators and customers of telecom systems (LAN, DTN, SS, SCS), safety systems (SFS, CCTV, ACS), automation, dispatcher, and administration (ADA) systems.

Speaker: Roman Petrov, Chief Project Engineer, SDP Developer, OOO Takhion, Saint Petersburg. 8 years of experience in designing and managing projects; 34 years of experience in development and operating of radioelectronic systems.