Grounding Resistance Measuring Methods

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was held on April 20, 2017

Grounding Resistance Measuring Methods

Speaker: Vadim Bukhalov, Technical Sales Manager at Fluke.

High-quality grounding systems provide safe draining of the current to the ground in case of lightning strikes or mains surges. To provide reliable operation of grounding, technical standards define a minimum value of the grounding impedance. International Electrical Testing Association requires checking grounding electrodes every three years in case of a good condition of the system and good average time of fault-free condition. How to define whether the required grounding impedance has been provided? Learn more during the webinar!

During the webinar, the following issues will be covered:

  • grounding resistance measurement methods;
  • safety of grounding resistance measurements;
  • principle of operation of instruments to measure grounding resistance;
  • modern measuring devices.

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