BIM Design of Electrical Supply Systems in Revit: From Theory to Real-Life Project

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was held on April 13, 2020

BIM Design of Electrical Supply Systems in Revit: From Theory to Real-Life Project

This is the second webinar of a series dedicated to the design of electrical supply systems in Autodesk Revit. During the webinar, we will consider the examples of creating a real-life project in Autodesk Revit, and its features to obtain documentation using embedded functions and external applications. We will assemble power and illumination circuits to obtain the required calculations and execute documentation.

Webinar contents:

  • 1. Assembly of an illumination circuit
    • Illumination
    • Cable lengths
    • Layout diagram
    • Product and material specifications
  • 2. Assembly of a power circuit
    • Equipment layout
    • Loads calculation
    • Calculation of voltage loss/li>
    • Selection of cable cross-section
    • Choosing a circuit breaker
  • 3. Execution of documentation and specifications



Vyacheslav Beltsevich - Lead EOM Manager at Synergy Systems
25 years of design experience, 5 years of experience in creating operating models.
Ilya Belenkiy - Director and Co-founder of Synergy Systems
Has more than 10 years of design and modelling experience in Autodesk Revit; 7 years of working experience as a BIM manager.
Master's work for "Building Information Modelling". TOP 100 of leading instructors in Autodesk technology. He performed the development of models at various stages of the building lifecycle, from design to operation, in Russia, the USA, Qatar, and Arab Emirates. He took part in the development of standards for designs using the building information modelling technology in Russia and the USA.