BIM Design of Electrical Section in Autodesk Revit

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was held on March 25, 2020

BIM Design of Electrical Section in Autodesk Revit

BIM Design of Electrical Section in Autodesk Revit

The webinar is intended for: lightning protection and grounding designers
Speaker: Vyacheslav Beltsevich, Lead EOM Engineer at Synergy Systems 25 years of design experience; 5 years of experience in creating operating models.

Ilya Belenkiy, Director and Co-Founder at Synergy Systems More than 10 years of experience in design and modelling in Autodesk Revit; 7 years of working experience as a BIM manager. Master's work for "Building Information Modelling". TOP 100 of leading instructors in Autodesk technology. He performed the development of models at various stages of the building lifecycle, from design to operation, in Russia, the USA, Qatar, and Arab Emirates. He took part in the development of standards for designs using the building information modelling technology in Russia and the USA.

This is the first webinar of a series dedicated to the design of electrical supply systems in Autodesk Revit. During the webinar, basic functionality of Electrical section in Autodesk Revit will be considered along with its functions of modelling and obtaining documents without any external software. We will study the user interface of Autodesk Revit in Electrical section and its settings to provide successful creation of the model; consider basic methods for circuits assembly and obtaining specifications, and explain why this functionality is insufficient for creating designs in Russia.

Webinar contents:

1. User interface of the Electrical section.
2. Basic settings of an empty template
- cable grid;
- operating voltages;
- feeder grid types;
- classification of loads and demand ratios.
3. Circuit assembly - basic method
- electrical instruments layout and connection;
- work with the utilities dispatcher;
- circuit paths correction.
4. Obtaining specifications - basic method.
5. Layout of a cabinet box - basic method.
6. Problems: what Revit cannot do?
7. Bypassing - plugins (in general).