The fifth webinar of the series “BIM Design: From Fundamentals to Practice

(held on July 18, 2018 at 11:00 Moscow time)

The webinar plan:

  • tracing settings for utility systems;
  • arranging the utility equipment;
  • describing the MEP System Browser;
  • arranging spaces.

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Creating utility systems
Creating utility systems

В1М проектирование в Revit. Создание инженерныхсистем BIM Design in Revit. Creating Utility Systems, июль 2018, July 2018

– Good afternoon for everyone.

– Good afternoon, dear colleagues! Let say two words as the introduction. I am glad to greet you in our current webinar: “BIM Models Design in Revit. Creating Utility Systems”. The speaker is Stanislav Vozchikov, the BIM design specialist. Today, we have the fifth webinar of the webinar series titled “BIM Design: From Fundamentals to Practice”. The next webinar of this series will be held on August 22. Let me also remind you that the webinar series with professor Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan is being conducted now, and the next webinar will be held on August 8. Let me remind you that these webinars are also dedicated to the new professor's book, and this webinar will be titled: “What Do We Need to Calculate to Solve the Issue of Electromagnetic Compatibility with the Storm Electricity?” For those who have not yet registered for one of these webinars, I will send links to the chat. All ZANDZ webinars are available there. Moreover, you may get more information on new events not only on the website but also in the social media groups. I will also send the links in the chat. Join the social media groups or register at the website. Do not miss the relevant events. Some words about the organizational aspects. Our today's webinar will take 60 minutes. We will answer the questions during the webinar in the chat and additionally at the end of the webinar. I will answer the frequently asked question: the webinar record will be published on the website in 2 or 3 days after the webinar. After that, a distribution is made to the e-mails of the users who have registered for the webinar. I ask you to leave questions in the “Questions” tab in the chat. There is a general chat and the “Questions” button next to it. I urge you to be active, ask questions, and leave your comments in the chat. I have finished the introductory word and give the turn to the speaker. Stanislav?



План Plan
Параметры и настройки трассировки Tracing parameters and settings
Размещение оборудования Arranging equipment
Размещение пространств Arranging spaces

– What is the plan for our today's webinar? First, we will look into the parameters and settings of tracing for the utility systems for ventilation, air ducts; and consider the creation of pipeline systems (water supply system, sewage system, etc.) and also the creation of electrical systems. I am an architect, but due to the work specifics, as a BIM manager, I have to deal with the utility networks in Revit; therefore, I am not really competent in technical aspects, the engineering design aspect ; however, I can answer the questions related to the creation of the models in Revit. Then, we will look at how the equipment is arranged in Revit, how the connection with the networks is created, and arrange spaces. The spaces are required to create various heat engineering calculations, calculations of heat losses, which are required for the heating systems, etc. After the release of the 16th version of Revit, if I am not mistaken, all disciplines exist: the structural architecture and the utility systems. Before that, the utility systems were provided separately. There was a separate Revit called Revit MEP.

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