D8 conductors crossing (ready-made kit)

Item number: ZZ-400-711-08

ZZ-400-711-08 ready-made kit contains everything you may require to make an X-shaped connection of two parts of a round-section conductor 8 mm in diameter by the exothermic welding.

The kit includes:

  • graphite refractory crucible - 1 pc.
  • crucible clamp - 1 pc.
  • powder charge - 40 pcs.
  • specialized lighter - 1 pc.
  • conductor brush - 1 pc.
  • crucible brush - 1 pc.
  • crucible scraper - 1 pc.

The kit content is enough for 40 connections.


ZZ-400-711-08 - 262 100,00 Rub. (under the order)


Please read more detailed information about the kit content and the designation of all its components below.

Intersection of conductors D10 mm

* - A schematic representation of the welded connection is shown in the photo.

Frontal connection of the strip 30x4 mm

* - The photo shows a sample kit. The actual appearance of the kit and its components may vary.

Crucible (mold)

The reusable graphite refractory crucible (mold) consists of two chambers: the upper chamber for thermite reaction and the lower welding cavity.

The reaction occurs in the upper chamber after the welding material is ignited. The resulting alloy consists of molten copper and aluminum oxide. The alloy flows into the welding cavity and forms a reliable connection after hardening on the parts to be welded.

During the welding operation, the parts to be welded are placed inside the crucible, which then must be secured by a special clamp.

This crucible is designed for X-shaped multiple welding of two round-section conductors 8 mm in diameter.

The crucible inner surface must be cleaned from waste slag by special accessories after each welding operation.

Parts to be welded
Connection type
Item number
ZANDZ WELDING Crucible/mold "round wire+round wire" type (D8; X-shaped connection without cutting the conductors) D8 mm round wire + D8 mm round wire X-shaped ZZ-407-011-08


Crucible clamp (clamping device)

The manual universal clamp securely fixes parts to be welded inside the crucible and prevents the molten alloy from flowing out.

A clamping device type 7 is required to make the X-shaped connection of round-section conductors 8 mm in diameter.

Item number
ZANDZ WELDING Manual universal clamping device (type 7) ZZ-420-107

Clamp for the crucibleClamp for the crucible

Charge (thermite powder)

Thermite is a powder mixture consisting of:

  • A metal having a large oxidation heat value, such as aluminum, which is very active when combined with oxygen resulting in the easy recovery of other metals from oxides under certain conditions;
  • A second metal oxide with a small formation heat value (e.g., copper or iron oxide).

When the thermite burns down it forms a molten metal, which fills the parts to be welded and forms a welded connection.

A charge weighing 0.150 kg is needed to make the T-shaped connection of a conductor 8 mm in diameter.

Charge weight, kg
Item number
ZANDZ WELDING Charge, 150 grams 0,150 ZZ-430-150

The charge for exothermic welding


You will need the following accessories for the exothermic welding:

  • special lighter to start the exothermic reaction;
  • cleaning brush for a round-section conductor;
  • heat-resistant brush for crucible cleaning;
  • scraper to remove slag from the inner surface of the crucible (after each welding operation).

Item number
ZANDZ WELDING Lighter ZZ-440-201
ZANDZ WELDING Round-section conductor cleaning brush ZZ-440-102
ZANDZ WELDING Crucible/mold cleaning brush (heat-resistant) ZZ-440-104
ZANDZ WELDING Crucible/mold cleaning scraper ZZ-440-101

BrushBrush 2Аксессуары

Personal protective gear (not included)

We also offer optional personal protective gear to ensure the safety of your works:

  • safety goggles;
  • protective heat resistant gloves.

Item number
ZANDZ WELDING Safety goggles ZZ-440-303
ZANDZ WELDING Heat-resistant gloves ZZ-440-302


ZZ-440-303 - 925,00 Rub. (special price)

ZZ-440-302 - 755,00 Rub. (special price)