From the ready kit of electrolytic grounding ZANDZ ZZ-100-102

Stainless steel tube "L" shaped with perforation in the horizontal part, filled with a mixture of mineral salts.

Электролитическое заземление

1. Maintenance pit
2. Special mixture of mineral salts
3. Ground electrode
4. Near-electrode filler

A copper cable is used to connect to the grounding conductor S> = 70 mm² or a stainless steel tape S> = 90 mm², connected to the pipe.

  • Total electrode length = 3 meters.
  • Length of the vertical electrode part = 0.6 meters
  • Length of the horizontal electrode part = 2.4 meters
  • Electrode diameter = 60 ± 6 mm
  • Thickness of electrode walls > = 2 mm
  • Conductor length> = 500 mm

At the end of the vertical part of the electrode there is a cap, designed for visual determination of the amount of salt mixtures inside it. Either a latch or a threaded connection is used for fixation.

To protect a special mixture of mineral salts from high humidity during transportation or storage, the holes in the electrode are closed with a special tape. This tape must be removed during installation.

Weight: 16-17 kg
Length: 2400 mm
Height: 600 mm
Width: 60 ± 6 mm

Электрод-заземлитель электролитического заземления 3

Электрод-заземлитель электролитического заземления 4

Электрод-заземлитель электролитического заземления 5

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Электрод-заземлитель электролитического заземления