from the ready kit of electrolytic grounding ZANDZ ZZ-100-102 

Soil substitute made of a mixture of graphite chips with a special kind of clay mineral is intended to increase the area of electrical contact of the electrode with soil, as well as to ensure the uniformity of the leaching process.

Near-electrode filler

  1. Maintenance pit
  2. Special mixture of mineral salts
  3. Ground electrode
  4. Near-electrode filler

It presents itself a finely divided powder. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, odourless.

It is packed in paper or braided polypropylene bags weighing 25 or 30 kg.

The material has the following properties:

  • It accelerates the process of leaching and penetration of the electrolyte into the surrounding soil
  • own electrical resistivity is not reduced in dry summer and cold winter (is about 0.5 - 1 ohm * m)
  • not soluble in the surrounding soil
Weight: 25 / 30 kg
Height: 600 mm
Width: 400 mm
Depth: 150 mm

Near-electrode filler-2

Near-electrode filler-3

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