from the ready kit of electrolytic grounding ZANDZ ZZ-100-102-6МВ-ГН219

Stainless steel tube 03X18H10 or similar with perforation of 2-3 mm in diameter over the entire length, filled with a mixture of mineral salts. It has a particularly large diameter of 219 mm for use on oil and gas facilities in the Far North.

Электролитическое заземление вертикальное
1. Maintenance pit
2. Special mixture of mineral salts
3. Near-electrode filler
4. Ground electrode

A stainless steel tape of 03X18H10 brand or similar with the dimensions 3 * 30 mm 1 meter long, attached to the electrode body by welding is used for connection to a ground conductor.

  • Electrode length = 6000 ± 60 mm
  • Electrode diameter = 219 ± 3 mm
  • Thickness of electrode walls > = 2 mm
  • Conductor length for connection = 1000 mm

In the top part of the electrode there is a cap, designed for visual determination of the amount of salt mixtures inside it. Either a latch or a threaded connection is used for fixation.

To protect a special mixture of mineral salts from high humidity during transportation or storage, the holes in the electrode are closed with a special tape. This tape must be removed during installation.

Weight: 310 kg
Length: 6000 mm
Height: 250 ± 30 mm
Width: 250 ± 30 mm

Электрод-заземлитель электролитического заземления 3

Электрод-заземлитель электролитического заземления 4

Электрод-заземлитель электролитического заземления 5

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