Galvanized wire

Tags: earthing

Part numbers: ZZ-502-008 / ZZ-502-010

The galvanized wire is made of rolled steel with Hot Dip galvanizing.

Depending on the diameter, the galvanized wire is used either in the external lightning protection systems (diameter of 8 mm) or as a part of the ground terminals (10 mm). Average service life of such systems is 5-10 years.

If longer service of the ground terminal is required, and to improve the external lightning protection system aesthetics, we recommend using the copper-plated wire by Galmar.

Stainless steel clamps (e.g., ZZ-005-064) are used for connection of the wire elements to each other, as well as for connection to the earthing rods.

D 8 mm / S 50 mm2 ZZ-502-008
Weight of 1 meter: 0.39 kg
Diameter: 8 mm
Cross-section area: 50 mm²


D 10 mm / S 80 mm2 ZZ-502-010
Weight of 1 meter: 0.61 kg
Diameter: 10 mm
Cross-section area: 80 mm²

The wire is supplied in coils:

  • 8 mm diameter, 62.5 meters wire - part number  ZZ-502-008-62;
  • 8 mm diameter, 125 meters wire - part number  ZZ-502-008-125;
  • 10 mm diameter, 80 meters wire - part number  ZZ-502-010-80.

Other coil length specifications are available upon request.








Galvanized wire coil