ZANDZ Galvanized strip

Tags: earthing

Part number: ZZ-502-304

The galvanized strip is made of rolled steel with Hot Dip galvanizing.

The strip is often used as a horizontal earthing electrode/ earthing conductor with the service life of 5-10 years.

If longer service life of the ground terminal is required, we recommend using the copper-plated strip by Galmar.

Stainless steel clamps (e.g., ZZ-005-064) are used for connection of the strip elements to each other, as well as for connection to the earthing electrodes.

30x4 mm / S 120 mm2 ZZ-502-304
Weight of 1 meter: 0.96 kg
Width: 30 mm
Thickness: 4 mm
Cross-section area: 120 mm2

The strip is supplied in 52-meter coils - part number ZZ-502-304-52.

Other coil length specifications are available upon request.






Galvanized strip coil