ZANDZ Copper-bonded tape (30x4 mm)

Product item: ZZ-11075

Copper-bonded tape is made of rolled steel with electrolytic copper plating with a purity of 99.9% and not less than 0.070 mm thick, that forms molecular and indissoluble connection with the steel.

The tape is usually used as a horizontal ground electrode / ground conductor with a very long service life - guaranteed service life of 30 years.

For interconnecting and for connection to grounding electrodes, stainless steel clamps are usually used

(e.g. ZZ-005-064 or ZZ-11551A).


30x4 mm / S 120 mm2
Weight of 1 meter: 0,98 kg
Width: 30 mm
Thickness: 4 mm
Cross-section area: 120 mm2


The tape is shipped from the warehouse ONLY in coils of the following lengths:

  • 10 meters - product item ZZ-11075-10
  • 20 meters - product item ZZ-11075-20
  • 50 meters - product item ZZ-11075-50

Supply of tape of a different lenth is carried only upon request.



Quality and look of pure copper at a lower price!

Copper stripe


Copper-plated bay strip


Why is the thickness of the copper coating of a ground pin is 250 microns, while the thickness of the coating of a ground conductor is only 70 microns?

The minimum thickness of the copper coating of ground pins of 250 microns is related to the installation method of these pins. In the process of burying the protective coating is subject to high mechanical stresses when contacting the surrounding soil (e.g., small stones). These stresses lead to the partial loss of the coating up to 150 mm thick (in particular, rare cases).

In such extreme conditions - after burial of pins, the corrosion-resistant copper coating will be not less than 100 mm, which is sufficient for a very long service life of the ground electrode.

For copper-bonded conductors , the copper coating of 70 microns is effective and technically justified because the conductor fits into preformed trenches and therefore is almost not subjected to mechanical stress. Thus, such coating thickness (70 microns) is sufficient to maintain its anti-corrosion properties for a long period of time, comparable to the service life of copper-bonded ground pins.